Next! (Au suivant): THING 3

Some rights reserved  by keso

Some rights reserved by keso

The next task was to set up a Google accout and look at the blog aggregating tool Google Reader. This allows you to bring together blog feeds into one place using the RSS feed function. I’ve been using gmail for a fair few years now and also use Google reader to bring together blog feeds that I’m interested in, so I didn’t need to set up an account. But it’s pretty straight forward to do so and once you set up one blog feed in Google Reader, you can easily add more, and it’s easy to delete the blogs you’re bored of. (Yes you can. Like this one.) (Really? Give me a chance, I’ve barely got started.)

And then I find out that iGoogle is coming to an end and I’ll need to find a new aggregator tool. Bugger. NEXT! (Though I’m not clear if Google Reader will die for Google+ users, like me. I need to find out more about this.) 

So here’s Nick Cave & Barry Adamson’s ‘Next!’ (a live cover version of the mighty Jacques Brel’s ‘Au Suivant’ translated into English – which follows next. Next!):

NEXT! Jacques Brel ‘Au Suivant’ (with useful Dutch subtitles):


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