Going faster miles an hour: THINGS 12 & 13

This week we looked at Office 2.0 services. First up Thing 12: Google Drive. I’ve had a Google account for years and use many of the different Google services, but never Google Drive (previously Google Docs). Don’t know why, probably down to being a slave to MS Office as it’s everywhere. But from now one, who knows. I’ll let my first Google Drive file act as my commentary for Thing 12. Have a look at it and please don’t weep with pity at my pathetic attempt (I just knocked it up right quick like):


NB – so far I like this a lot. The access anywhere / cloud style nature of the file storage and the sharing aspect could open up new possibilities (well, new to me) for collaborative working. (NB. I haven’t tried out Evernote yet, so my deisre to use Drive may change once I’ve had a look at that.)

Also, I can see why there might be concern about Google having access to all of this personal data, but, as I use Gmail anyway, they’ve got access to my most personal views, thoughts and communications. So, in for a penny ….

Thing 13 was to explore SlideShare. This is a service I use quite a lot for current awareness and for design ideas to inform my own presentations. But, I have yet been brave enough to upload one of my own. Maybe one day …..

My SlideShare recommendation for the 23 Things RHUL programme are the presentations of Ned Potter. I really like his approach to content, design & user engagement and I think the following 2 presentations of his are genuinely useful & interesting: “Good Presentations Matter” and “6 Really Useful Things to make Your Academic Life Easier.”

As it feels like I’m picking up speed with all of this ….. Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers: ‘Roadrunner’


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